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November 14, 2012

Subtle Contour

When it comes to sculpting natural-looking cheekbones like Nikki Reed's, the "less is more" rule certainly applies. At the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2, the actress set off her tawny complexion with just a hint of definition. "I have been very into subtle contouring lately—and the key is subtle," said her makeup artist Fiona Stiles. After setting the star’s foundation with powder, Stiles used a matte bronzer by NYX to define the hollows of Reed’s cheeks. “The trick is using a very soft brush and just a touch of product,” she advised. “It’s easier to build than take away!” Be sure to use a little powder to contour your jawline, and using the product left on your brush, blend the color going down your neck to avoid a two-toned appearance.

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Nikki Reed

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