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July 22, 2013

Soft Cat Eye

To create Hailee Steinfeld’s elegant look at Comic-Con, her makeup artist Stephen Sollitto went for a ’50s-era Audrey Hepburn feel with a modern twist. “There are subtle things I did though, so it wasn’t a literal copy,” he said. Case in point: The layered cat-eye he created, which was a perfect balance to her saturated lip color. Sollitto began by blending a neutral base color all over the star’s lids, then followed with a shimmery champagne hue. “I used a MAC eye liner pencil to draw a cat-eye—not too dragged-out, but enough to extend the eye a little bit,” he added. “Over that, I used a small brush and a black eye shadow to soften the line.” Use the brush to blend out the shadow and create a soft graduation in color. “At the last minute, I thought it needed a bit more drama, so I went over the cat-eye with a blue liquid liner from the inner corner of her eye to the middle,” Sollitto said. “This was the fun detail she needed.” He blended a touch of gold eye shadow onto her lower lash line for an illuminating effect, then finished with a generous amount of mascara.

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Hailee Steinfeld

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