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November 11, 2013

Violet Lipstick

Somewhere between fall’s deep wine and summer’s hot pink lies the amped-up violet lipstick Camilla Belle wore to the LACMA Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles, and we love how the bold color seamlessly walked the line between the two seasons. Since the lipstick made such a statement, her makeup artist Kinzee Kubek decided to go easy on the eyes, and complement the effect with clean, flawless skin. “Before I applied any color, I first moisturized Camilla’s skin, and then applied concealer under her eyes. I then built up an even base of foundation using a brush, then went back with a wet makeup sponge so there was a seamless even finish,” said Kubek, who finished the look with a matte lipstick by NARS. Strong red or pink-based hues like Camilla’s can bring out redness in the skin, so make sure to take extra time to conceal areas that tend to get ruddy. If you’re worried that a matte lipstick will dry out your lips, apply a thin layer of balm before sweeping on the color to keep your pout hydrated. Kubek applied the hue straight from the tube to create the star’s dramatic look, but we recommend using a lip brush if you want to form a more precise shape. To avoid caking on the product, make sure to wipe the color off completely and start from scratch when you feel the need to reapply. Too many layers of matte lipstick at once can look chalky, and tends to emphasize imperfections in the lip. By starting with a clean slate, you’ll get a perfect application each time, plus a needed boost in hydration.

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Camilla Belle

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