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March 18, 2013

Porcelain Skin

With the new season's rising temperatures on the way, it's time to spring-clean winter's heavy foundations from your makeup bag—a routine Emma Stone knows well, as demonstrated by her flawless complexion at the New York City premiere of The Croods. The star's makeup artist Rachel Goodwin used Revlon products to create her effortless look, and we love how her skin held an almost-airbrushed effect without appearing too heavy. "To prep her skin, I focused on the perimeter of her face, dabbing moisturizer directly onto her cheekbones, temples, jaw line, and neck," Goodwin said. "Then, I applied foundation to the center of her face, fanning it out toward the edges with a makeup sponge." When recreating a similar effect, placement is key in avoiding a caked-on appearance. Concentrate the foundation over areas that may need extra coverage first, then work your way outward, blending with a makeup sponge or brush. That way, you'll have a matte, even tone, but your natural complexion will still show through.

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Emma Stone

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