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February 28, 2008

Lush Lower Lashes

GET THE LOOK: Courteney Cox may throw hissy fits as a tabloid editrix on FX's Dirt, but she really knows how to lash out in real life, too. By giving the same attention to her upper and lower lashes, she creates an alluring, wide-eyed stare that could make any paparazzo blush.
INSIDER TRICK: It's tough to use the same tools for upper and lower lashes, because the lengths and curves differ. Wiggle a waterproof, no-flake mascara wand (like Blinc Kiss Me mascara) along the roots of lower lashes, then tap each lash while holding the wand vertically. Wait two minutes, then gently curl lashes with a Sephora Lower Lash curler.
—Polly Blitzer

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Courteney Cox

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