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July 9, 2008

Cat Eyes

GET THE LOOK: Lancome spokesperson Anne Hathaway created a feline frenzy in Hollywood. She transformed her round brown eyes into exotic lookers with a simple upward flick of the eye pencil. Rim eyes with a shiny gunmetal gray liner, creating a thicker line along upper lashines. About a centimeter from the outer corners, draw a sharp upward diagonal tail, which creates the illusion of almond-shaped cat eyes.
INSIDER TRICK: Call in the clean-up crew! If you get a smudge, no need to start all over. Dip a Q-tip in moisturizer and gently roll it across the goofed area to pick up the formula.
BUY ONLINE NOW: Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof eye liner in Fumee, $23.50
—Polly Blitzer

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Anne Hathaway

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