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January 6, 2014

Matching Lipstick

Would you match your lipstick to your dress? What was once a beauty faux pas can create a fabulous effect if done right. Case in point: The petal pink shade Sandra Bullock wore to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California. We love how it didn't distract from the drama of her pink and orange Alex Perry number, and served as a subtle accent that stood out and blended in all at the same time. If you're eager to break out the complementary colors, make like Bullock and opt for a sheer, toned-down version of the hue on your dress you want to accent. Apply a thin layer of lipstick directly from the tube, then use your finger to press the product into your lips, or blot with tissue paper. To finish, sweep on a small amount of gloss or lip balm over the top to create a natural-looking sheen.

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Sandra Bullock

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