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November 24, 2008

Eye-Popping Shadow

GET THE LOOK: Want to make your light eyes the center of attention? Take tips from makeup artist Jill Cady, who created this look for Kristin Chenoweth. "Using copper shadow intensifies light blue or light green eyes because the colors contrast," says Cady.
INSIDER TRICK: After applying theBalm Shady Lady copper shadow, Cady lined the inside of the top and bottom rims with Sue Devitt Instensifying Pencil and then added faux lashes and mascara. "We used a combination of lash styles to create the thickness and volume," says Cady, who left the rest of the face neutral "to bring the focus back to the eyes."
BUY ONLINE NOW: theBalm Shady Lady in Racy Kacy shadow, $15
—Polly Blitzer

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Kristin Chenoweth

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