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October 15, 2008

Well-Washed Hair

GET THE LOOK: Mirror-like reflectiveness may have more to do with washing your hair than styling it. "Properly washing your hair and rinsing with cold water gives hair extra shine," says Amanda George, co-owner of Neil George Salon in L.A. To work up the right lather, scrub your scalp thoroughly with your fingers, massaging shampoo throughout the entire head. Shampoo the ends of your hair sparingly so as not to dry out your ends, advises George.
INSIDER TRICK: "Everyone's hair and scalp differs, but the longer you can go without washing your hair, the better, so as not to fade your color. The less you wash it means more of your scalp's natural oils can remain," adds George. "The scalp's natural oils are very important for healthy, beautiful hair."
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—Polly Blitzer

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