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September 2, 2008

Flattering Brows

GET THE LOOK: One-size-fits-all may work when it comes to handbags or mascara, but not for eyebrows. If you have large, expressive eyes like Anne Hathaway, "brows should not be too thick or you might seem intimidating," says celebrity brow expert Anastasia Soare. "But a skimpy brow on a big eye is very unflattering and makes eyes look too large for the face," adds N.Y.C. brow guru Ramy Gafni.
INSIDER TRICK: Don't be afraid to fake it! "Extend the line of your brows past the outside corner of your eyes to fully frame your eyes," says Gafni, who adds that you should keep thickness moderate to heavy.
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—Polly Blitzer

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Anne Hathaway

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