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David Crotty/ USA
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September 19, 2012

Crimson Lips

One is never underdressed in red lips. Take cue from Brittany Snow, who mastered the timeless trend with a highly pigmented pout. A crimson lacquered lip kisses the summer goodbye and welcomes the deeper tones of fall. To get her velvety look, be sure to prep lips by gently exfoliating away dry skin with a scrub and a rehydrate with a moisturizing balm. If you’re looking for a slight sheen like Snow’s, try a liquid lipstick with a precision wand. When applying the creamy shade, make-up pro Gilbert Soliz suggests working your way out from the center of your pout to get an evenly applied coat. Finally, lightly purse your lips to spread the color and use the round side of the wand to trace your cupid’s-bow for shape.

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