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May 19, 2008

Modern Bouffants

GET THE LOOK: The beehive's back and better than before. Instead of stiff, cotton-candy hair, Posh takes the concept to new heights with soft, touchable teasing. "The height and volume of today's styles come from the fine art of back-combing," says celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson of the Ted Gibson Salon in N.Y.C.
INSIDER TRICK: Avoid the bird's nest look by camouflaging teasing. Clip away hair at the hairline. Gently brush the roots of small sections of hair backwards, advises Gibson. Lightly brush the clipped-away section over the top, secure in a bun, and mist with hairspray.
BUY ONLINE NOW: Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold hairspray, $11
—Polly Blitzer

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