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September 13, 2012

Perfect Brows

Have you ever noticed how a well-groomed brow seems to pull an entire look together? Case in point: Camila McConaughey’s shapely arches. At the Macy’s Glamorama event in Los Angeles, the new Mrs. Matthew McConaughey wore natural makeup, accented by her face-framing brows. Her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg used a clear gel to set the model’s already-lush arches, but if you’ve accidentally over-tweezed, use a pencil to fill in any gaps. Pick a shade that matches your natural hair color, but when in doubt, go a shade lighter to avoid an obvious stenciled effect. Your eyebrows should line up with the inner corner of your eye, so if they fall a little short, use that as a starting point to begin filling them in. Create short, light strokes with the pencil to mirror the shape of your natural brows, then comb a clear gel through the shape to keep them in place. And steer clear of the tweezers! Let your eyebrows grow for about two to three weeks, then see a professional to have them shaped.

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