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September 7, 2012

Loose Curls

Isn’t it amazing how a single curling iron can create an infinite number of styles? We love how you can get a tight spiral or a beachy wave with just one hair tool, but sometimes it helps to double up. To get Hailee Steinfeld’s undone texture, her hairstylist Charley Brown used both a waving iron and a set of curlers to give the style a natural shape. “We wanted to create a style with a lot of texture, but nothing too forced or coiffed,” he said. “The look turned out age-appropriate, yet sophisticated and gorgeous—just like Hailee!” After prepping her strands with a nourishing shea mist, Brown began using the waving tool on Steinfeld, and followed by setting sections in curlers. If you don’t have a waving tool, you can create the same effect by loosely wrapping sections around a curling iron, then follow with the rollers as Brown did. Once hair has cooled completely, tousle the ringlets to soften them. If you accidentally wind your curls too tight, give them a blast of heat with a hair dryer while raking your fingers through. This breaks up the style and gives it a cool, effortless feel.

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Hailee Steinfeld

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