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August 23, 2012

Magenta Lipstick

While Elisabeth Moss’s pixie cut made a dramatic statement, we were also loving her glossy magenta lip. The saturated hue added a fun splash of color, and was a perfect complement to her new blond strands. Since a bold lip allows you to go easy on the eye makeup, it’s a great way to create a dressed-up appearance in five seconds flat. To make sure your color doesn’t fade away, layer on a hydrating lip balm first. The waxiness of the balm gives the lipstick more staying power, as it has a solid foundation it can adhere to. If you’re finishing the look with a swipe of lip gloss, steer clear of any too-slick formulas since they tend to fade faster. Reach for a gloss with a thicker formula. Apply a dab to the center of your pucker, then even out coverage by blending the product with a lip brush. The slightly sticky formula creates a barrier and ensures that your color won’t slide off.

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