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August 20, 2012

Brown Smoky Eye

Like yin and yang, nothing gives a smoky eye balance like a clean complexion. Take Kate Beckinsale’s makeup from the UK premiere of Total Recall. Although the star went for a tawny brown eye, the effect was every bit as sultry as its deep noir counterpart thanks to perfectly-blended finish. Beckinsale’s makeup artist Molly Stern used a trio of Laura Mercier shadows to create her dark eye look, layering a black shadow underneath a chestnut brown hue. She then used the brown to blend out any harsh edges and define the lower lash line. When working with dark powder shadows, one of the biggest challenges lies in having flecks of color fall from your lids onto the rest of your face. Avoid this by sweeping on the bold hues before applying foundation and concealer. That way, your finished complexion and the product fallout from the smoky shadows have no chance to mingle.

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