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August 14, 2012

Light Berry Lip Stain

Watching the final days of summer draw closer can be bittersweet. Saying goodbye to the warm days at the beach may be sad, but we love getting a sneak preview of the chic fall makeup trends to come. Case in point: Jessica Biel’s sheer wine lip stain. Deep bordeaux lipsticks were trending on the fall runways, but instead of the full-on opaque finish seen on the catwalk, Biel opted for an ultra-light shade that walked the line between pink and raspberry. To recreate the star’s just-bitten look, prep lips by exfoliating with a damp wash cloth, followed by a generous dab of hydrating balm. Using a wine-tinted stain, press the product onto your lips using your finger, going a touch heavier on the center of your pucker to impart a natural flush. The result? A trendy, saturated lip that lasts all day.

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