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August 6, 2012

Braided Bun

The peekaboo braid trend is still going strong! We loved the twisted updo Rashida Jones wore to the Celeste and Jesse Forever premiere in New York City. Jones’s hairstylist Sarah Potempa created the look by first sectioning hair into three small left, right, and back areas, then she braided each piece. Potempa then brought all three plaits together and swept them into a high ponytail, which she tied off with a hair elastic. Using a separate section of hair, she then twisted Jones’s strands into a fishtail braid, and rolled it towards the star’s crown with the help of a foam hair base. Potempa then wrapped the multiple braids around the anchor to create a textured bun. If you opt to use a foam hair base, be sure to secure the style with a lot of bobby pins. Because the foundation can get heavy, your updo will need all the support it can get!

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Rashida Jones

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