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June 29, 2012

Shiny Strands

When it comes to imparting a glossy finish onto a flat-ironed style, a little hair serum can go a long way. Take Abbie Cornish, who wore a smooth blowout with an inward curl to the Australians in Film Awards. “We wanted to do a sleek, nearly flat ironed look to go along with Abbie’s sleek Dior dress,” said her hairstlist Alex Polillo. While Cornish’s hair was still damp, Polillo added a few drops of Argan oil through her mid-lengths and ends. Work the product into your hair before blow-drying and straightening, and be extra generous with the serum on your ends. Since they’re the oldest part of your hair shaft, they are more porous than other areas and need the extra TLC. Once the serum is in place, use a boar bristle brush to blow hair smooth, then follow with a quick pass with a straightening iron to smooth out any kinks. A mist of hairspray will lock out the humidity and give your style extra staying power.

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Abbie Cornish

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