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June 18, 2012

Cat Eyeliner

Sometimes, a dramatic sweep of liner is a statement-making look in itself. Case in point: Ginnifer Goodwin’s winged-out cat eye. Drawing on a precise line can be intimidating, but thanks to the new pen-shaped liquid liners, the effect is easier to create. The user-friendly stylus makes the inky formula easier to control, while the felt-tipped applicator helps bring your liner to a point. To avoid uneven wings, try tilting your head upward and looking down into your mirror while applying. That way, you can place the liner close to your lashes while still being able to see. If the applicator is holding too much liquid liner, be sure to wipe off the excess onto your hand to avoid drawing it on too thick. Even if you want a more dramatic effect, it’s always easier to build up the line afterward than to correct one drawn on with a heavy hand.

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Ginnifer Goodwin

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