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July 29, 2013

Voluminous Natural Curls

If you've got them, flaunt them! Beautiful natural curls like Brandy's are a hairstyle in themselves, but elements like the sun and arid summer air can dry out your ringlets, which ultimately leads to frizz and breakage. Many curly hair products promise a variety of results, but the answer to combating parched strands lies in a rich, nourishing shampoo. "When you have curls, shampoo is a really big factor in keeping your hair healthy," said hairstylist Kim Kimble, who has worked with the star. "Clarifying shampoos make your curls very dry and brittle, and it's not healthy for the hair." Look for hydrating formulas, and incorporate a moisturizing conditioner and a nourishing hair oil or leave-in creme into your routine. "Curly hair doesn't get as much natural oil as straight hair because it doesn't travel down the hair shaft in the same way," she added. "Hydrated curls won't break as easily, and also look softer and shinier." If you're using a product to define your ringlets, Kimble recommends smoothing it over wet hair for a more even application. Allow your strands to air-dry, but if you're using a blow-dryer, make sure to utilize the diffuser attachment to give each curl structure.

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