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April 24, 2012

Gold Eye Shadow

We loved the shimmery shadow Riley Keough wore to the Tribeca premiere of Jack and Diane. The warm metallic hue on the inner corners of her eyes created a subtle, elegant effect, rather than a blinged-out gold eye. “Highlighting the inner corners of the eye has become the easiest way to balance a dramatic eye look. I like to keep the areas closest to the nose bright, which helps draw visual interest to the center of the face,” Keough’s makeup artist Ricky Wilson said. Wilson advises opting for a warm hue, instead of an iridescent white shadow. Using a small tapered brush, place the color onto the inner corners, and blend with your finger to soften. But remember — less is more. “If this trick is done incorrectly, it can look like you have something in your eyes in a picture,” Wilson adds.

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