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April 3, 2012

Loose Curls

In addition to her sunny hue at The Kid’s Choice Awards, we loved Emma Stone’s soft ringlets. To create her breezy style, Stone’s hairstylist David Babaii added mousse to clean, towel-dried hair. If you want extra volume, Babaii suggests giving hair a cool water rinse before styling. “This seals the cuticle, and gives hair extra shine,” he said. Babaii divided her strands into top, side, and back portions, then blow-dryed each section with a round brush. Stone’s soft curls were the finishing touch on the style. “Take large sections of hair, and loosely wrap them three-fourths of the way around a large barrel curling iron,” Babaii advised. “Hold for about ten seconds, and finish with a spritz of hairspray.”

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Emma Stone

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