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July 1, 2013

Defined Curls

Amy Adams' Veronica Lake-esque waves were equal parts modern and classic—right down to the method used to create them. The structured curls act as a nod to Old Hollywood glamour, with a slight tousled feel for a current vibe. While her hairstylist Laini Reeves used modern products and hair tools to create the look, the key to the retro texture was the old-school setting method she used to finish the style. To start, Reeves applied a styling mousse to the star's damp strands, then rough-dried using her fingers to bring out Adams' natural wave. Once her hair was completely dry, Reeves misted on a veil of flexible-hold hairspray to form a solid foundation, then loosely wound sections around a medium-barrel curling iron. After each piece had been shaped, Reeves pinned each area into place to cool completely, which helped in creating a long-lasting hold. "Take three large sections at a time, roll the ends underneath, and pin them to set," Reeves said. "Then, allow the hair to cool, and with a large paddle brush, soften the wave and apply hairspray."

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