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June 3, 2013

Rich Hair Color

At The Sound of Change Live concert in London, Jada Pinkett-Smith wore her tawny caramel highlights in loose curls, and we love how the color made her style dynamic while warming up her complexion. While highlights this rich often last until your next salon appointment, summer elements like the sun, surf, and chlorine from the pool can cause your hue to fade. To prevent this, Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi Salon recommends lathering up before hitting the salon as a preventative measure. “I know we are all conditioned to getting our color done on a dirty hair day, but you might want to rethink that in the summer,” he said. “Since you sweat more in the summer and hair color oxidizes when it comes into contact with sweat, shampoo the day of your salon appointment to keep your color from prematurely fading.” Afterwards, invest in a leave-in conditioner with a sun protectant to shield your color from UV rays, and work a hair oil into your strands post-shower to lock in hydration. “You can use it as a pre-blowdry treatment to deliver smoothness and shine, or as a finishing product for frizz protection,” added Warren, who recommends L’Oreal’s version.

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