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April 1, 2013

Delicate Headband

While a tousled chignon may be the given choice for showing off your new spring frock, Kerry Washington's hairstylist Marcus Francis veered from the traditional by opting for a smooth style with a well-placed accessory. "Wanting to show off a neckline doesn't always mean the hair must be worn up," he said. "I thought Kerry's hair worn down behind her shoulders would keep it feeling effortless and young." He began by blowing out Washington's strands using a round brush, then curled sections from the ends to roots, pinning each area in place until cool. To finish, an embellished headband added a touch of sparkle. "I placed the headband one inch from the hairline, then teased a few sections behind it on both sides and at the crown," said Francis. "Adding a studded headband gave the look an edge and helped secure the volume."

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Kerry Washington

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